617 N Redondo Dr #B Oceanside C.A. 92057
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Meatball Sub

Meatball, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.

w/ Fries – $12.50

Sandwich only – $11.50


  • Friendly staff, great food, generous portions… Well worth.

    Anthony F.

  • There is no better pizza to-go for the price! Real Italian flare!

    Richard V.

  • Best pizza we’ve ever had.

    Jason B.

  • Large New York style pizzas available here.

    Gary I.

  • Ordered the 5.99 special there, one topping, just wanted to compare it to Little Caesar’s down the street. First, the kid took out a ball of fresh dough and started making the pizza from scratch. He said 15-20 minutes or so and I said no problem. The pizza was truly the BEST 5.99 pizza I ever had, blows away that Little Caesar’s premade CRAP. I will go there from now on and have the SAME kid make it for me.

    Baldwin IV H.

  • This is the best pizza in the area. Seriously amazing.

    Isaiah E.

  • Love this pie as a New Yorker its rough finding a goods foldable slice of pizza Romas its where its at!

    Thomas V.A.

  • Pizza is always hot and fresh and delivery time is always faster than expected.

    Marshall L.

  • I am currently pregnant and have different cravings and the pizza, the hot wings and the mozzarella sticks are amazing and satisfy this baby of mine!!

    Shannon H.

  • Their pizza is delicious and delivered hot. Can’t complain. And the GF loves their wings.

    Golden B.